Group Events

Planning a party…

Are you ready for a unique experience with your friends, family, or co-workers?  Book a party with Dundee Candle Co. 

When your guests arrive at Dundee Candle Co., they’ll be greeted by one of our Scent Consultants who will walk the group through the process.  You’ll start by making a list of your favorite scents.  We have of over 80 scented candles.  You’ll select a jar to pour into, varying in size and style, or use a jar that you’ve pre-selected for your group.  Your group will then sit at The Scent Bar, where our Scent Consultants will guide each person through selecting two or three scents that will blend perfectly together to create their unique custom-scented blend.  You’ll design your own label, blend your skin-safe fragrance oils, and pour your own candle.   

Plan on 45 minutes to 1 hour in-store, depending on the size of your group.  Candles then take 90 minutes to 2 hours to set up before they are ready to take home, we do have a few vessels that take longer.  This is a perfect time for your group to enjoy a bite to eat or drink at one of many local restaurants.  You can then come back to the store to pick-up your finished candles, or we can even arrange for a team member to deliver your candles to your group at the restaurant!  

If you’d like to pour candles and take them home with you the same day, please plan to visit the store at least 2.5 hours before close.   There is no guarantee that candles will be done the same day depending on the vessel you choose and the amount of time time it takes to create your scent.  If you don't mind picking up your candles another day, then you are more than welcome to come in anytime. There is no rush to pick up your finished candles - we hold onto them for a long time!

Want a private event?  No problem.  Please call the store at 402-810-0665 to book your private party.

We ask that groups four or larger call for a reservation to ensure you have a place at The Scent Bar.


Pricing is dependent on the size and style of jar that you pour into, with many options starting at $25.  We also offer a variety of other home and body products that are customizable, if you are interested in scenting something other than a candle!  If you are paying for your group, you are welcome to preselect a jar or jars to keep within your budget.