Pour Your Own - An Aromatic Experience

First find your favorite scents.  With over 80 scents to choose from you are sure to find something you love.  Don’t worry you won't be on your own, you will get a clipboard to help you keep track of your favorites and one of our scent consultants will be there to help. 

Next it is time to pick your candle vessel.  We have a large selection of vessels in all different shapes and sizes.  You can also choose to make your lotion, room spray, diffusers, or wax tarts!

Now grab a seat at the bar and lets get pouring!   This is where you pick from your list of favorites to create your very own Aromatic Experience.  Once you have picked your scent combination you will be able to pour and mix your candle with the help of the Dundee Candle Co. scent consultants. 

Once your candle is poured it will need to set up for 90 minutes to 2 hours before they are ready to take home, we do have a few vessels that take longer.  If you would like to pick up your candles the same day you need to come in at least 2.5 hours before the store closes.  There is no guarantee that candles will be done the same day depending on the vessel you choose and the amount of time it takes to create your scent.  The Dundee neighborhood offers several dining and shopping options while you wait.  If you need a recommendation, just ask one of our scent consultants!  You can also come back a different day to pick up your candle.